AC Hydraulic

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I no longer sell these jacks. This was Product Support page from my website when I was a dealer. Current distributors should aspire to the same quality control standards.



Ultimate Garage offered select AC Hydraulic products to retail and mail order customers between 2000-2010. Their jacks were (and continue to be) exceptional. Unfortunately, because of some minor quality issues and packaging problems, Ultimate Garage had to stop selling these on a "dropship" basis.

I personally performed a 20-30 minute service (inspecting, adjusting, repairing and repackaging) on each jack that I sold (see photo details below). This attention to detail minimized inconvenience and problems for my customers. I doubt any current dealers are offering this level of service today.

Jacks arrive on pallets from the importer. Cosmetically, boxes and contents are in excellent condition at this point.


Factory packaging. You'd be amazed what UPS or Fedex mishandling can do to the contents of this box. Repackaging to minimize shipping damage will be addressed below.


Broken o-rings (in the box straight from the manufacturer) have been a chronic problem with the DK jacks. Ultimate Garage replaces all broken o-rings and ones on the verge of failure before shipping the jack to the end customer.


This o-ring had a slight nick which was discovered when the jack was removed for inspection. O-ring was replaced. (Note - the new o-rings can be a bit tricky to install. If you purchased your jack through Ultimate Garage, I will replace the o-rings with no labor charge.)


All jacks are checked for smooth operation. Improperly adjusted hydraulics can result in a jack that is difficult to lower or, worse case, one that bleeds pressure and lowers on its own. This is a safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately.


In this recent shipment, 2 of the first 4 jacks inspected required adjustment (lowering the jack was difficult or impossible with the jack tube secured in place). I suspect there are hundreds of DK jacks in use that could benefit from this 15 minute adjustment procedure.


Jack is now back in the factory box ready for shipment to the customer. Handle tube is wrapped in cardboard for additional protection. Plastic handle and small parts will be shipped separately for additional protection.


Based on numerous reports by customers of ripped open boxes received via UPS and Fedex, it's highly recommended that the DK jack boxes be securely strapped prior to shipping. This is especially true for the DK13 which weighs approx 100 lbs as packaged. (Note- I had hernia surgery in 2011 as a result of handling these jacks...main reason I had to discontinue sales)


Ultimate Garage now straps all DK jack boxes with 800 lb test poly strapping.


Small parts (plastic handle and steel jackpad) are shipped separately. Many handles are broken from the weight of the jack when mishandled by UPS or Fedex. (Note - if you purchase your jack elsewhere, insist that they ship the plastic handle separately) The stock handle screw, easily stripped due to excessive paint, is replaced with a stainless steel part.


Is all this really necessary?

The picture at the top shows a pallet of 12 DK20Q jacks. Of the 6 inspected so far, 2 required adjustment, 2 were missing major parts (handle tubes) and there were quite a few damaged o-rings and wheels.......

Exterior photo - here's a DK13 jack after a 3000 mile journey via UPS from NJ to Washington state. The tape and strapping held (one of the wheels did break through the masonite additional strap is now added to each box at the location of the rear wheel frame)....

(photo courtesy of Al Lindner)

Interior photo - had this jack been drop-shipped from the manfacturer, there would have been considerable more deformity and damage to the box and its contents.

(photo courtesy of Al Lindner)



Ultimate Garage kept a supply of spares on hand for initial setup and future service - hydraulics, handles, wheels, o-rings and fasteners.


Polyurethane wheels eliminated the o-ring problems.